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B.J.'s Family's: B.J. has "two family's", my family with my "Mom", Bertha George and my family with my "Dad", Billy Joe Ondo Sr.! My Mom and Dad split up right after I was born, Dad went back to MO. and Mom came back to Colorado Springs, CO., where I grew up. I have three brothers, I'm the oldest, next is "Bob", then Chuck and Jerry.

"My Mom's Kids"
On my Dads side, I have two sisters and one brother, "Bobbie", William and Tammy. Yes, it's a bit strange but the "two family's" make me a whole.

"My Dad's Kids"

Jo's Family: Jo had a "normal" family but very sadly both her "Mom", Lila Perse and "Dad" James Perse have both past on from this life. Jo's Dad was a 20+ year Army Vet and they moved to Colorado Springs, CO. around 1965 and purchase a home in Widefield, CO. Jo has 3 sisters and one brother, the oldest is "Barbra, then Jo, Sue and Kathy", her brother is Jim.

The Perse Kids, (Missing brother Jim)"

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