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Join The Patriot Guard Riders
B.J. & Jo PGR Mission 09-01-07
We joined the Patriot Guard Riders in Dec. 2005, their MISSION to honor the fallen heros of all wars and shield the families of the fallen from "un-invited guests", was something we felt we "must" to be a part of! I & My wife Jo, joined as a RIDERS, because of mechanical/financal problems, we were forced to give up our last motorcycle. We now do missions in our car, doing "support", because no matter what you "RIDE or DRIVE", it's "The Right Thing To Do"!

The PGR Mission has grown to incompass, Homecoming's for returning solders, visit's to Veterans Homes, ect., called the "Help On The Homefront" program. Pls. look into joining the PGR, You DO NOT have to "ride a motorcycle, you DO NOT have to be a "Veteran", you only have to want to "Show Respect & STAND"!

B.J. on the flag line for HM3 Anderson

Our Patriot Guard Rider Missions
for Fallen Heros/Veterans, (Funeral/Memorial), Accomplished Since December 2005

Capt. Mike Martinez
Cpl. Brett Lundstrom
Sgt. Demitri Muscat
Sgt. Gordon Misner II
Sgt. Robert L.Clark
Spc. Kelon Jones
Maj. Burk H. Morgan
Col. George
Pfc. Nathan J. Frigo
Frank Strickland, Viet-Nam Vet
HM3 Christopher "Doc" Anderson
Sgt. Michael R. Hamel
Pfc. Roger A. Suarezgonzalez
Spc. Elias Elias
Steve Gernet,Vet/Iraq Contractor
Pfc. Brain M. Williams
Pfc. Allen B. Jaynes
Sgt. Blake A. Harris
Cpl. Stephen M. Kowalczyk
Sgt. Joe Polo
Ssgt. Mark A. Waltz
Pfc. Brian L. Holden
Sgt.Major Bradly D. Conner
Jerry C. Albert, Navy Vet
Spc.Brian A. Botello
Big.Gen. Robin Olds
Col. Charles (Chuck) White
Sgt. Eric A. Lill
Sgt. Giann C. JoyAmendoza
Pfc. Cory F. Hiltz
Lt. Col. Daniel E. Harrison
Pfc. Jeremy S. Bohannon
Maj. Ceasr Y. Freitas
Cmsgt. Steven P. Wolski
Maj. Andrew J. Olmsted
Cpl. Evan A. Marshall
Cpl. Michael D. Collins
Maj. Mark E. Rosenberg
Ssgt. Michael D. Elledge
Spc. Ronald J. Tucker
Spc. Kacey C. Day
Walter Perkins VN-Vet/LEO-FF
Sfc. Bryan E. Hall
Sgt. Edward W. Forrest Jr.
Sgt. Michael P. Scusa
Ssgt. Glenn H. Stivison
Capt. Ian P. Weikel
Sgt. Daniel Quanie
Msgt. Robert West
Ssgt. Marion B. Flint
Spc. Grant A. Dampier
Col. Judith Lombeida
Col. Pruckler, CO-ANG
Ssgt. Ryan E. Haupt
Cpl.Robert J. Medina
Msgt. Jerome L. Tucker
Ssgt. David, R. Staats
Sgt. Yevgeniy Ryndych
Sgt. Moon J. Sik
Pfc. Clinton T. McCormick
Spc. Collin R. Schockmel
Sgt. Alexander H. Fuller
Sgt. Adam A. Wilkerson
Spc. Travis W. Buford
Sgt. Robert M. Carr
Spc. Walter Freeman Jr
Ssgt. Willie R. Roberts
Pfc. Brett A. Walton
Pfc. Zachary R. Gullett
Ssgt. Jay E. Martin
Spc. Matthew E. Baylis
Ssgt. Robb L. Rolfing
Sgt. Eric L. Snell
Spc. Steven A. Davis
Sgt. Shin Woo Kim
Msgt. Randy J. Gillespie
Spc. Theodore K. Eastburn
Spc. Justin R. Blackwell
Lt. Col. Robert J. Klingensmith
SSgt. Eric T. Duckworth
Ssgt. Gary W. Jeffries
Spc. Brandon A. Meyer
Ssgt. Chad A. Barrett
Pv2 Vincent A. Trujillo
Sgt. Christopher C. Simpson
Spc. Emily Ort
SFC William P. Ellis (VN Vet)
Stephen (Ponytail) Spessard Vet
Msgt(Ret.)Kenneth V. Kramer
Cpl. Jason G. Pautsch
Jack Blount WWII Vet
Pv2. Laurie Boylston
Pvt. Timothy Madison
Cpl. Brock L. Bucklin
Cpl. Luis D. Santos
Ssgt. Alberto V. Sanchez
Spc. Christopher F. Sitton
Pfc. Nicholas A. Madaras
Sgt. Norman R. Taylor III
Raymond Swiderski,Korea Vet
Ltc. Eric J. Kruger
Thomas C. Bashara, AF Vet
Pfc. Albert M. Nelson
Sgt. John M. Sullivan
Tsgt. Timothy R. Weiner
Pfc. Ming Sun
Spc. Michael C. Balsley
Ssgt. Joshua R. Hager
Spc. Rowan D. Walter
Pfc. Jeffery A. Avery
Pfc. Derek A. Gibson
Cpl. Ismael G Solorio
Pfc. Kyle G. Bohrnsen
Pfc. Roy Lee Jones III
Sgt. Alexander J. Funcheon
Spc. Justin A. Verdeja
Ssgt. Michael L. Ruoff Jr.
Pfc. Jerimia J. Veitch
Sgt. Michael J. Martinez
Cpl. Dustin L. Workman II
Richard A. Bell, Viet-Nam Vet
Roy L. Davis, WWII Vet
Ssgt. Robert R. Pirelli
Sgt. Edmund J. Jeffers
Spc. Brynn J. Naylor
Sgt. James E. Craig
Pfc. Joshua A. R. Young
Ssgt. Lee A. Brooks
SGM William "Bill" Butler (WWII/Korea)
Ronald St. Louis (Korea/Viet-Nam)
Pvt. Thomas J. Huffman
CW3 Robert C. Hammett
Nooner US Navy Vet
Ssg. Gary L. Woods Jr.
Pfc. Bryce (Doc) E. Gauiter
Jim Vick (Viet-Nam Vet)

"All Gave Some, Some Gave ALL"

Fallen Colorado PGR Members, since December 2005:
GOD Speed/Rest In Peace. "Mission Accomplished"

Fallen Colorado PGR Members:
*Wilma Marsh*|*Bobby Clark*|*Ron Julian*|*Richard "Gypsy" Bell*
*Chaplin Daniel Harrison*|*Big Bird*|*Nooner*|*Jerrimy "JayWalker" Walker*|

"100 Missions" as of October 17, 2007", It's been my/our honor & privledge to STAND for these fallen hero's, of current and past Wars and Conflicts, GOD Speed,Rest In Peace, with Respect!

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