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Our Wedding Day 1980

Bill Ondo/JoLynn Perse
Widefield H.S.,Class of 1973
Security, Colorado

Us in 2013

Soul Mates", best describes "B.J. & Jo Ondo! We have been "best friends" since 1967, dated on and off thru Jr. High and High School. After High School we drifted apart and thought we found love with others. After we both "lost at love", we found Love and Friendship could go hand in hand and last! We married in 1980. We will be celebrating our, 37th. Wedding Anniversary, in October 2017

Jo works in Office Accounts Receivable and as a Back up Cashier, with over 40 years retail experiance at Al Serra-South Chevrolet Inc. B.J. doesn't work, due to medical problems, we reside in Colorado Springs, CO. B.J. & Jo had prior marriages and from those 4 kids (Steve, Jennifer, Candy, Jeremy). We have "11" grandkids but sadly, due to circumstances/distances beyond our control, we only get to enjoy their company once in a great while. Jo loves to make all kinds of homemade craft's. B.J. plays with our homepage in cyberspace on the computer". We enjoy spending as much time as possible together, on our "Motorcycle", Walking, Dancing or just "hanging out together!

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B.J. & Jo Ondo

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